Sunday, 2 November 2014


These are the 5 things i do being a yogi in Autumn. You have to remember i am not anyone else i am myself and these can be different for any yogi :-)

1 Love putting yoga socks on, yoga leg warmers and just yogi sock in general....


2 Drinking tea, this for me can be normal organic tea, lemon teas, ginger and lemon teas... I don't really like Green Tea.  No matter how much its good for me my taste buds don't agree ;-)

3 Its a jumper fashion show, comfy, cashmere and just all together soft jumpers to wrap up in.

4 The aroma from the kitchen becomes quiet interesting - cooking casseroles is one of my favourite nom nom.

5 Candles, i being to burn candles in class and at home much more. The darker nights make this even more cosy.


I would love to know what your 5 things are that you do as you move into the winter months..


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