Sunday, 6 December 2015


Hello fell friends who read these blog posts! Let me say a huge THANK YOU!


My experiences i share are true to my teachings. I teach what is truth to myself through awareness because if i didn't practice i could not teach it!

I want to take a moment to encourage you to find stillness in your seat and just close your eyes and watch your breath. Don't change it. Please for a moment just watch it. You can watch your breath without doing anything - it moves all alone! Watch it like you are above your body, looking down and seeing your breath. Just for a moment now!

Awesome, can you see how you can watch with out getting involved. Now close your eyes again. May be for a little longer this time! Notice when a though comes in, but see if you can float above again and watch how the thought makes your body feel and the emotion is may cungiour up. Go head do this now!

Could you stay watching of did you get fully involved? Now you get into thoughts and these thoughts provoke bodily reactions, feelings, emotions - may be anger, fear, sadness or joy. You may even notice a thought can create tension in a certain area of your body.

So once you find yourself back in the thought see if you can once again take yourself beyond the though and observer, like you are floating above your body seeing it happen, noticing how a person, event, conversation can make you feel.

We have the power to identify our feelings but so often we become them feelings, is that not true? Think about the last time something happened and you in the moment let the conversation or the event effect you and you became that feeling that emotion and your body took on that role.

We think a thought or enter an environment - it provokes a change in the body and emotions - the mind gets caught up in the body and with no conscious awareness we are that feeling. We let it control us, hurt us, harm us or may be it makes us feel excited!

When you next find yourself in joy, excitement, sadness, fear or anger see if you can be an observer a watcher of these feelings as they come and as they go. They don't stay the same for long. This takes practice. Don't become it, watch it and control it. That way when they come you can find more stillness in the knowledge that they are passing by just like life is and nature is along with all the cells in your body.

Through this awareness you can bring changes into your life to see beyond the materialistic realm, you can see from a much more sensitive and non violent aspect. You can start to observe before reacting and you can start to make choices that are going to affect your emotions and body in a non violent way.

Through the growth of awareness you can then see with an open mind and understand possible reasons behind the actions of others and become unharmed by them. You can then make better choices to not harm or hurt others in many ways!

We sink to grow, we grow to have more knowledge.

Observe and be the observer not the one with little control of your moment to moment actions, reap good karma. Firstly be aware of your mind, which will help with control of your tongue, actions and reactions.

Namaste seeking souls <3

Sunday, 22 November 2015


We feel the need to be close to the ground.
Our soul resides somewhere it wants to be found.
My eyes are opening and looking around and around;
this can't be done with sight, touch, smell or sound.
I'm on the search for samadhi to be found. 
My heart is open, my throat is broken I'm waiting for my eye to gently be opened.

-Katya Greer

Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Meditation has become widely known over the past few years in the western society. We are encouraged to meditate for many reasons, with STRESS being one of the main factors.
Taking up a regular practice (with guidance) can encourage and help reduce the heart rate and blood pressure, aid with concentration and promoting general wellbeing along with many more valuable benefits.

Multiple techniques are offered to make different styles of meditation accessible to all. The breath is a perfect starting point to begin your journey towards meditation, especially if you are already following principles of the Traditional Hatha Yoga system.

Meditation can be done by anyone who has the time and dedication, all it requires is your self, a comfortable seat, quiet space and may be ten minutes of free time.

I would like to share and introduce a few simple steps towards basic meditation.
1.      Find a comfortable seat, quiet space (with no distraction) and set your alarm for 10 minutes.

2.      Keep your spine long and straight, avoid lying down.

3.      Close your eyes and become aware of your body. Relax!

4.      Bring awareness to the breath.

5.      Allow your mind to settle on the inhalation and the exhalation.

6.      When you catch the mind somewhere else other than the breath, gently and kindly bring your attention back to the breath.

7.      Try and repeat this daily for ten minutes. Be patient with your self some days will be better than other days.

I encourage you to find an experienced teacher to begin deeper meditation. Working under a teacher in my opinion is very important for true instruction, it will not only support you on your journey but it will also make sure that your meditation technique is carried out correctly.

I hope this helps you on your journey through yourself to yourself!


Wednesday, 11 November 2015


Time oh time;
Oh dear time;
Life should never be about wasting time.
I feel my soul is tortured;
Tortured to make everything rhyme.
If I take my time;
Time may just take my mind.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Past, present, future

The manifestation of a dream is a thought in the future, but it's held present in the mind why it is thought of as a dream. It becomes a distant memory in the past when forgot as we hold ourself in the present. It is rekindled once again to become a thought in the mind in the present, we see it as a dream to become the future till its lost again somewhere in the past. 
Past, present and future are but one...

Thursday, 8 October 2015


Hello fellow Yogis, I hope this blog post finds you well. A few weeks off as I have been on my travels and busy with living my life in general (aren't we all). But I wanted to indulge you in a tasty post on the topic and theme that I have been running through this weeks classes, some hearing more than others on this theme.

 During my week of exploring yoga poses, binding poses came to the fruits of my attention. The binding in these poses can create a huge difference on a pose and the sensations we feel including added comfort/discomfort in the body. But besides this, what interested me the most is the idea of the way we bind ourselves to ourselves! The idea of what our minds can have us believe to think, our labels, the way we should be in accordance to our job or even the way we look!

Our mind is constantly changing along with our emotions and our bodies, but we as human beings living our life through this beautiful physical form get so hung up on the binding of physical into thoughts and emotions, mixing feelings up in thoughts, binding ourselves to what we believe people think us to be or how we think we should be to those in our circles or people that see us from a far.
As I move through my journey and learn things I never knew, I realise things I could never imagine. I understand more and more the struggle. I think that we can move through life with little self awareness but most people are becoming more tuned into what is really happening and how the binding we create can cause us pain and suffering.
We come to yoga to free ourselves from something? Do we not? Oh yes, think about it? Weather its from stress, from an illness, habit, an unfit body or from a family situation we come to yoga because it allows them binds we have to be releases. Yes maybe them binds are not released fully-and I think that it could be dangerous if we totally released our connections to this physical world - after all this is our journey through the physical! But it helps dissolve a little of the attachment we have to the circumstance or to a habit we may have developed in order to live. Yoga helps us have more self-awareness and an incredible wisdom can come along with this path if done correctly and safely under good guidance
In a few sessions I have been sharing this process below in a few different ways. I wanted to give you this task to explore yourself. Next time you come to yoga I want you to allow yourself a moment to run through this little list - especially if you are new to Yoga.
  • You have made a conscious decision that you are going to go to Yoga class tonight.
  • Before your class begins, think of what has drawn you to the session (stress, illness, fitness, family)!
  • In class Observe the state of your mind, breath and body. Is your mind active or still, Is your breath short or fast, deep or shallow? Is your body tired or restless? - observe!
  • Class finishes - Now this is the moment you can really observe the difference of your mind, breath and body! Comparing before you began to how you finally feel when the session has ended. That topic/reason that drew you to class is it as important now, as stressful?
A sense of space, stillness, lightness, calmness a whole host of things have taken place to release you from the tangling knots that's bind us to the materialistic and physical world. I am not suggesting you abandon all around you! But yoga allows you to make better decisions and see from a better place with more calm, peace and instinct. We use the beautiful shapes to bring our body into union, mind - breath - body. When this yoking takes place the mind can find some freedom and we can find some peace and stillness to live our life more fully with a sense of more freedom and binds.
Ultimately we want to be FREE, but in the process of trying to be free we get so caught up in how we should be or act to be free!

Hope you can take something from this to help you take life with more haste less speed, more peace less stress and sharing more love and less hate.

Namaste, love and Golden light to you all.


Few binds are included in the video below...I was inspired from this weeks theme and the idea of releasing my own bind's that bind me!

Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Chair Yoga is now something that is being offered at LotusFlowerYoga studio on a Friday morning. If you know me well you will know why this is something that would have been extremely appealing to me as a Yoga teacher. I feel there is a gap in this area for those who struggle to get down and up from the floor. Most yoga practices inevitably begin or end on the floor and for those who can not get to the floor need another option and what better option than a chair. This is not the only reason why I am drawn to this kind of yoga and have a deep passion for it, I actually love teaching these people as I do all my students, I love seeing their faces, posture and mental state change after the session.
Why bother doing chair Yoga? Huge benefits come along with this Yoga. You may be sitting down but there is so much we can do together. We work on movements that help with arthritis, breathing problems, calming the mind, reducing stress, making friends and much more. Being an attentive teacher and very sensitive I am very aware of students and their needs as individual. We are all on our own journey searching for what I would ultimately say is 'happiness' so why not have some Yoga and guidance to help you along the way.
The studio is on the top floor of Magnum but is wonderfully supplied with a lift for those who do not want to take the three floors of stairs to warm them selves up before class - laugh out loud, I take the lift myself so your not alone!
Classes run on the Friday morning 10:00-11:00am. The group so far is absolutely wonderful, very warm, friendly people and we would love to welcome more into our class. This is something that I am going to take further a field as I have a deep compassion to share with more people who don't have access or vehicles. If you wish to join our group please get in touch.
I have attached a video to get you started!

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

YOGIC TONIC TUESDAY - Pregnancy Yoga Benefits

Pregnancy Yoga Benefits
After doing Yoga all the way through my pregnancy I knew that it was something I would want to teach when I started training as a yoga teacher. The pure peace I experienced throughout my whole pregnancy and birth was something I can only put down to the yoga. How do I know it was the yoga? Because I was going through a challenging time in life but the yoga just let me take one day at a time and stopped me from thinking and worrying, instead I just stayed connected to the experience of my baby growing and nourishing us both. It was my life saving tool and I know this when I look back.
Pregnancy Yoga is a tool that not only helps the body stay strong but it also helps with the birth and the journey you face once baby is here. Lets list just 5 benefits of pregnancy yoga.
  1. Created strength in your body for pregnancy & birth.
  2. Helps prepare you for labour.
  3. Balances both body and mind bringing harmony.
  4. The breath work promotes relaxation as the parasympathetic nervous system kicks in to use.
  5.  A deep connection with your unborn child is created.
Here is a little link about the parasympathetic Nervous system
What to expect at a class? Well all classes are different obviously, all teachers have there own unique way of teaching so i can only go of what i do in my pregnancy yoga classes. You do not have to have done yoga before, actually I believe this is a perfect time to begin if you have never done yoga before as its modified for your needs not only because your pregnant but also because you may come with concerns or problems within the body (that you must tell your teacher may i add so she can modify accordingly).  
In class you will work through breath work, pelvic floor work, standing postures, seated postures, possibly mantras and mudras and finishing with a beautiful relaxation that can connect you even deeper to your baby and self.
To get you started i have attached one of my FREE pregnancy yoga videos to watch. You can subscribe to my channel for any new videos i upload also. I recommend making sure you are given the go ahead from your doctor before doing this video. Do not do this video if you are less than 14 weeks pregnant. And if you have SPD then i would search out a local teacher with knowledge on the topic to do a class with guidance - I only included one modification for this so discourage you from doing it unless you have extensive knowledge on alignment in yoga and your concern.

I hope you do try Yoga if you are pregnancy, don't keep putting it off. If you are already doing Yoga and you are pregnant then I wish you a beautiful birth.

Thank you for reading <3

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

YOGIC TONIC TUESDAY - Charga Mushroom Powder

 Nom Nom Nom
Had to share this with you all.
I have totally given up Coffee and Tea...Hip Hip harrayyyy to me! This was a very hard job and task to do. But I managed it and wanted to share ways I did it and this fabulous tonic that I found and recreated to taste.
It wasn't easy giving up tea and coffee and it has taken me 4 full weeks to actually move away from them. I began by switching my tea and coffee to Organic Rooibos. I would dip in and out as this is a taste I needed to get familiar with and I still have to put a half teaspoon of sugar and goats milk in it to trick my little mind that I am having a cup of tea!
After a few weeks I dived back into tea and coffee again when I was out and about with my partner in crime. I couldn't resit to have one. It came to the point where the taste was not tasty at ALL!!! Yack and now I have totally kicked the tea and coffee. I am not being hard on myself, if I wanted to have a coffee I will allow myself but I have not craved at all. I do not believe in diets what so ever! I believe in little steps and changes will make a deeper more fulfilling success of anything we attempt to do.
Today in the coffee shop why having a meeting I actually had lemon and ginger and was very please and didn't miss the normal cup of tea. I still had my tea pot and siv making it feel all together like tea but it was healthier cleaner way.
I have to admit I do think it has a lot to do with having something hot in my hands and warm to drink. It could be water and I would probably be fine. See even a Yogi can have a very bad habit! I have many more too hehe.
So on this journey I came across this special healthy brew with many benefits attached to it. Lets list just three.
1. Its said to be an immune booster and supporter
2. Its an antioxidant
3. Promotes Digestion
one for good luck....
4. Promotes healthy skin
There are many more benefits on this too, not just the above I state.
This little power took some trial and era before I got it to my taste.
Here is the receipt - I hope you give it a go
You will need / 2-3 people
 3 cups of Hot water / Teaspoon / tea bag equivalent of Chaga Powder 
 1/4 C Hemp seeds
 Organic Vanilla Ice Cream (to taste)
 3 Tbsp Cocoa powder
1-1/2 tsp Cinnamon
1/8 tsp Cayenne powder 
Cinnamon stick
To Make  
Boil the kettle
 Place all the ingredient in a blender apart from the Ice cream and cinnamon sticks
Blend the water with the ingredient's till all creamy looking.
Then the ice cream is to add to the top ... oh my goodness...glorious.
It has a little kick to it also.
You can add to taste. I will be attempting this again with Cashew nuts and coconut sugar so will update when I have given ago. This is going to be my perfect drink when I want something cosy because its raining outside. The top makes it even more snug looking.
Let me know if you try it and if you add or change anything and make it even tastier?
Namaste Beautiful People xxx

Friday, 24 July 2015

Yoga and Sensitivity

4 July 2014

"Practicing Yoga creates more awareness, more awareness makes one more sensitive (at least me it does). More sensitivity means I feel more pain, I feel more feelings high and low. Is it ok to be so sensitive to suffer so much pain?"  
Yoga inevitably makes us more sensitive towards other fellow human beings, animals and environmental situations. As we do more and more yoga we become more and more open. We start to open up energy in parts of our body that could ultimately bring up a whole hose of emotions that have been sitting deep in the cracks of our body. On the mat is where the incredible journey begins to explore and learn more about yourself. You come to yoga to stretch you leave with so much more.
But how do we learn to deal with all this new awareness and sensitivity?  
First thing is to understand that a thought and a feeling will pass. It never stays there consistently does it. Look at a time when you wanted to eat your favourite food and all you can think of is the food and desire for it, this feeling changes once you have ate to much of the food and you are now repulsed and couldn't eat another mouth full. Do you see how fickle the mind can be?
The same can be understood by pain, sadness, happiness and calm. These to will change from moment to moment, day to day, week to week and so on. With this is mind we can use what we know as an advantage and when we feel over sensitive or feel pain understand that this pain, sensitivity is guiding us and helping us to grow as individuals. Being more sensitive can help us choose and make better decisions so that we can stay away from those negative things, negative thoughts. We can use the feeling of pain as a tool, listening to our self for guidance, trusting our self, listening to our gut instinct taking us into better places and spaces. 
Feeling pain is inevitable whether in the mind or body but if we didn't feel it how would we know the opposite of it. When you feel distracted by this feeling search a little deeper within, connect to your Godhead or your desired God to bring you closer to understanding and feeling something bigger is there looking out for you!   
Namaste, Take care of yourself so you can give a better part of yourself to the world! <3

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Importance Of Shavasana After Asana!

Yes its true Shivasana also known as Mrtasana is important after your physical yoga practice.
This part of the Yoga practice can be the most difficult part to master. I see it with my very own eyes in class. Students make little excuses that they have to leave at relaxation for one thing or another. But this isn't the time to leave. This is the time to explore yourself deeper and master the mind of this difficult section of the practise until it becomes a place of comfort. Just like we do the poses and to begin with they can be a little uncomfortable overtime the asanas we perform become supported by the universe!

Shivasana can be extremely difficult due to us lying down and trying to quieten everything especially the wandering mind. Most people struggle to begin with when attempting relaxation (so your not alone if this is you), this is quiet normal due to the stresses we are surrounded with in day to day life. Our mind is being pulled all over the place with different challenges, tasks and demands from moment to moment outside of yoga class and to train the mind to be still is a task in itself to begin with.

So how do we begin to master this section of the practice? The first thing is we DO NOT beat our self up when our mind wanders, our regular yoga practice will itself make it easier and easier for us when we enter relaxation, and our mind will becomes more and more still over time. Our yoga practice starts the one pointed concentration due to our postures and the following of the breath during Asana work, so when we come to rest over time the mind will naturally begin to quieten, but you will have odd days where it wont (after all some times we have more things on our mind).

When you first begin and you struggle with lots of thoughts in Shavasana if the teacher isn't guiding you through a relaxation or visualisation then bring your awareness to your breath, watch it, do not change it just watch, and if your mind drifts bring your awareness back to your breath again gently. Remember there is no right and wrong and don't judge yourself or be disappointed if the mind wanders, you should praise yourself for just being at class in the first place.

Shavasana = Sava = dead; also know as corpse pose requires you to lie on your back, legs a comfortable distance apart with the feet falling to the corners of your mat. Your arms a nice distance away from your body. I encourage palms to face up towards the sky (in order to receive/being open). If you feel vulnerable then placing palms down or moving close to your sides is always an option to make you feel safer. The shoulders should move away from the ears to create space in the neck, and the neck should be long and chin to chest to create length in your neck, but not scrunched up to chest....nice and long. If pregnant then this position is not recommended but instead take it onto your left side. Glasses are advised to be removed so they don't press on nerve endings and cause discomfort. 

So we now know how lie in shavasana and if the mind wanders how to try and guide it gently to the breath, but why is it so important to do this pose when we have so much to get done at home/work!
Well i believe that out of all the poses this pose is the most important pose and its so important to do this at the end of class even if it is just for 3 minutes.

Why? Because after your yoga postures this asana allows the body to rest and recoup and the mind is able to come into a calmer state. 
"Lying flat on the ground (on one's back) like a corpse is called Mrtasana. This posture destroys fatigue, and quiets the agitation of the mind." - Light On Yoga, B.K.S.Iyengar, p352. 
We never get time to rest in this way and here we can do it, we must learn to take advantage of it.
"The stress of modern civilisation are a strain on the nerves for which Savasana is the best antidote" Light on Yoga (iyengar)
So what better way to end your yoga session than with relaxation in savasana, so next time you want to rush off and cant stop thinking about the jobs you have to do when you leave think to yourself WAIT THIS NEXT FEW MOMENTS WILL BENEFIT ME LONG TERM PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY, AND HELP ME BE MORE PRODUCTIVE WHEN I LEAVE CLASS. SO LET GO, RELAX BE PRESENT AND ENJOY!

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Benefits Of Yoga For Children

Yoga means union of mind (emotions/thoughts) and physical body creating inner harmony and balance. Yoga has been around for many centuries and is becoming quickly popular in the western culture for its wonderful benefits.

Many adults attend yoga for many different reasons but as a parent you many have concerns that there is a religious aspect to the practice. It can be suggested that yoga is part of Hinduism and different aspects like prayer and 'om' chanting along with meditation will be part of the children's yoga classes. To clear up this impression in all the children's sessions taking place at Lotusflower & Wellbeing Centre we avoid all religious and cultural message. 

The yoga sessions for children is taught with parents concerns in mind. Classes focus on the benefits of yoga for the physical and mental benefits. We do not use any Sanskrit words for the postures, names used to perform the poses are educational instead. We have names such as Cat, Bridge, lizard, tree and many more to capture your little ones attention. 

This is my little boy doing yoga with me age 4 :-)

The postures that are performed have a huge positive effect on children with much research now being/been taken

"Yoga has more to offer than your typical fun activity for little ones. There are studies connecting it to improvements in asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, ADHD, and autism. "Mind-body practices can be very helpful for a variety of conditions worsened by stress and anxiety, as well as stress or anxiety itself," says Gurjeet Birdee, M.D., a pediatrician and assistant professor in internal medicine and pediatrics at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, in Nashville."

Here we have just a few benefits for your little one through attending yoga

  • Helps with concentration and focus
  • Refines balance and coordination
  • Enhances Flexibility
  • Boosts self-esteem and confidence
  • Strengthens the mind body connection
  • Helps increase imagination
Yoga helps with the development of your growing child in more than one way. 

Classes are now being run weekly at Lotusfloweryoga & Wellbeing Centre every Saturday 11:45-12:30pm £4. To book your child onto our weekly session contact us on 

Classes are held by a Once Primary School Teacher who has taken a new path to share yoga to children. She is very experienced with children and your child is in very safe hands.

Suite 3.3, Magnum House, Lord Street, Leigh, Lancashire, WN7 1BY


Friday, 24 April 2015

What an incredible beautiful mess

Nothing ever stays the same my friend.
Life is forever moving around again and again.
Journey through moment by moment it's  the best step to take through sun shine and rain.
The days seem so quickly to vanish just leaving a smudge in the brain.
We can look back with regret with sorrow but I tell you that's just lame.
Your journey is special I tell you again!
Don't just sit there wollowing in pain. You're heart has wings that fly high in the sky just listen to it, it whispers to you with a lot of strain.
Go forth and live the life you deserve through fog, snow and sunshine you deserve the best you wonderful mess. 

Sunday, 22 March 2015


Have you ever started a journey in your car and got to the destination without remembering how you even got there? How about eat a meal or a snack to look down and it’s all gone or half gone why you were thinking or playing on your computer or phone, not even experiencing your food?

It’s very easy to not be in the present moment of today.  What with our tasks, finances, jobs and our mind being constantly diverted to external issues such as news, facebook, twitter, celebrities and politics how do we even find the time to be present. We are given so much more to think about than the present moment.

This is very common for many of us and we would call it ‘mindlessness’.

So in this world of craziness how can we bring our self to the present moment.

Mindfulness is as simple as A,B,C

A – ATTENTION to the present moment. Immediate sensory experiences, sight, sound, taste, smell and so on without the mind getting involved with its labelling, thinking and judging!

B – BREATH is in the present moment and at any given time it can bring you into the here and now. Following the breath as it comes in and out of the body has been a spiritual tradition for centuries.

C – COMPASSION towards what you experience. Have a gentle sensitivity towards yourself and experiences. If the mind keeps flitting have an understanding awareness and guide it lovingly back to the present of the breath and sensations within the body.

Ok it might not be as simple as A,B,C to do but this is an easy way to cultivate presence and get yourself out of the past or the future and settle yourself right in the here and now. 

  • Sit down in a quiet calm place. Be warm and comfortable.
  • Close your eyes and allow your attention to move into your body.
  • Feel sensations connect with them, don't get tangled up in thoughts. Let the thoughts drift by life clouds drifting through the sky.
  • Now bring attention to your breath.
  • Breath in and breath out and be aware of the breath breathing your body.
  • When the mind drifts or you catch yourself thinking about something acknowledge it and let it drift on by and bring your attention back to your breath.
  • Allow yourself to sit quietly for 10-15minutes to begin with increasing this time as you get much more comfortable with the sessions. 

Good luck!!! Be gentle and don't force or push, just witness the journey of the mind.

Namaste my beautiful readers x

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


What is our world becoming?
A competition between who is the best.
Why are we so ego driven? Because  media,  press and the rest want us to rise to the test.
It's sad and makes my heart cry.
It shouldn't be a test. It's not about who Is the best!
Life is better simple, where the heart can fly high into the sky.
If we all cared instead of interfered it might all be more simple dear.
Fly away ego, fly away conforming, allow your heart and soul to keep on soring.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015


I'm guessing if you are reading this post either your hips are stiff, you have problems with them or you want to learn more about the hips!

In Ewald Kliegel's 'Let Your Body Speak' the hips are the generator that makes energies for our goals and intentions. "From here i direct the dance of muscles and joints, here each wave of the breath discharges, and from here i start the prime movers in order to reach our goals in versatile determination. Whatever obstacles are in the way my basic impulse is: 'This also can be overcome!" p44

Your Hips carry the body in a perfect balance and a huge amount of energy and thrust is needed in order to move forward in our intentions and goals. As we grow and move through life challenges are thrown our way, we jump through hurdles and cross many rivers to come to the point right now - reading this post. How has it been for you? Do you have a fear of going forward? Do you fear making major decisions? Or a decision? Is nothing moving forward? Are you holding onto something from years ago that you can't let go of? 

HIPS - "Carries the body in perfect balance. Major thrust in moving forward. fear of going forward in major decisions." Louise Hay,  Heal Your Body.

On a physical level your hips are trying to talk to you and make you listen to something. We have to release this emotion somewhere and somehow. 

The problem with the hips can also be connected to an imbalance within Muladhara Chakra (root chakra). This Chakra is connected to our physical survival, safety and security. Our body needs a way of releasing our cooped up emotional rubbish - say 'HI' to your hips! 

Within this month of February we explore hips. We move through layers of stagnant energy! Shifting as much as we can. Things may come up on the journey but ride the wave, just like you have been doing all these years - But this time the wave will end up somewhere that will make your body and mind feel lighter and brighter, clearer and freer. 

Your yoga is a journey of self discovery. When you get on that mat you allow yourself the permission to let go, to embrace the now. The old stuff is finally allowed to slowly melt away. This may not happen in a week or a month but the more dedication the more you will understand and see how totally special yoga can be!  


See you in class  xxx
And i am here to talk to if you ever need to talk to me! x


Monday, 9 February 2015

External happiness

We seek happiness from external desires. We allow our senses to allure us more and more.
Our beautiful eyes see the materials we wish to store.
Our nose desires the smells that we trace and remember from that time and place.
External objects and possessions fill a place and space. Then we get bored and it pleasures no more. 
The truth is...
Can you see it, can you touch it, can you smell it, can you taste it or store it?
It is from within you see much more.
Look closely.... can you see....
Can you see what it is?

Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Well i have been using this little beast for a month now and it's time to give my review.

This is my review on the product and how it has effected my skin.

I do believe this product works. I found it was more effective after i exfoliated my skin and then applied. 
This is what i am still doing. Exfoliating and then applying before i sleep. It absorbs much better and sometimes it will all be soaked in very quickly. I guess this depends on how much my skin is in need. 

I find the product messy and sometimes over indulged in it... leaving me with to much so i will apply to my body also.

I have noticed an evening tone appearing on my skin but i do believe that its the combined exfoliation i do.

Do i intend to continue to use this natural product-YES. 

I believe i need longer with this product so intend to do another review in may be two months time. 

Do not expect a quick result and fix if using this product just in case you don't get it like i haven't. But i still believe it to be GOOD! Its working but slowly for me.

Namate my lovely readers xxx

Monday, 26 January 2015


Well it was the first official workshop in the studio yesterday! It was incredible.
Me and Anna really loved it and intend to do another very soon.

Balancing the Yin and Yang and learning to have a deeper awareness of your body and mind!

I intend to share a meditation workshop soon! I am loving our meditation sessions at the moment...and believe this would be a great way to spend a few hours!

I love my studio and all the people that come and share this beautiful science!