Tuesday, 17 February 2015


What is our world becoming?
A competition between who is the best.
Why are we so ego driven? Because  media,  press and the rest want us to rise to the test.
It's sad and makes my heart cry.
It shouldn't be a test. It's not about who Is the best!
Life is better simple, where the heart can fly high into the sky.
If we all cared instead of interfered it might all be more simple dear.
Fly away ego, fly away conforming, allow your heart and soul to keep on soring.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015


I'm guessing if you are reading this post either your hips are stiff, you have problems with them or you want to learn more about the hips!

In Ewald Kliegel's 'Let Your Body Speak' the hips are the generator that makes energies for our goals and intentions. "From here i direct the dance of muscles and joints, here each wave of the breath discharges, and from here i start the prime movers in order to reach our goals in versatile determination. Whatever obstacles are in the way my basic impulse is: 'This also can be overcome!" p44

Your Hips carry the body in a perfect balance and a huge amount of energy and thrust is needed in order to move forward in our intentions and goals. As we grow and move through life challenges are thrown our way, we jump through hurdles and cross many rivers to come to the point right now - reading this post. How has it been for you? Do you have a fear of going forward? Do you fear making major decisions? Or a decision? Is nothing moving forward? Are you holding onto something from years ago that you can't let go of? 

HIPS - "Carries the body in perfect balance. Major thrust in moving forward. fear of going forward in major decisions." Louise Hay,  Heal Your Body.

On a physical level your hips are trying to talk to you and make you listen to something. We have to release this emotion somewhere and somehow. 

The problem with the hips can also be connected to an imbalance within Muladhara Chakra (root chakra). This Chakra is connected to our physical survival, safety and security. Our body needs a way of releasing our cooped up emotional rubbish - say 'HI' to your hips! 

Within this month of February we explore hips. We move through layers of stagnant energy! Shifting as much as we can. Things may come up on the journey but ride the wave, just like you have been doing all these years - But this time the wave will end up somewhere that will make your body and mind feel lighter and brighter, clearer and freer. 

Your yoga is a journey of self discovery. When you get on that mat you allow yourself the permission to let go, to embrace the now. The old stuff is finally allowed to slowly melt away. This may not happen in a week or a month but the more dedication the more you will understand and see how totally special yoga can be!  


See you in class  xxx
And i am here to talk to if you ever need to talk to me! x


Monday, 9 February 2015

External happiness

We seek happiness from external desires. We allow our senses to allure us more and more.
Our beautiful eyes see the materials we wish to store.
Our nose desires the smells that we trace and remember from that time and place.
External objects and possessions fill a place and space. Then we get bored and it pleasures no more. 
The truth is...
Can you see it, can you touch it, can you smell it, can you taste it or store it?
It is from within you see much more.
Look closely.... can you see....
Can you see what it is?

Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Well i have been using this little beast for a month now and it's time to give my review.

This is my review on the product and how it has effected my skin.

I do believe this product works. I found it was more effective after i exfoliated my skin and then applied. 
This is what i am still doing. Exfoliating and then applying before i sleep. It absorbs much better and sometimes it will all be soaked in very quickly. I guess this depends on how much my skin is in need. 

I find the product messy and sometimes over indulged in it... leaving me with to much so i will apply to my body also.

I have noticed an evening tone appearing on my skin but i do believe that its the combined exfoliation i do.

Do i intend to continue to use this natural product-YES. 

I believe i need longer with this product so intend to do another review in may be two months time. 

Do not expect a quick result and fix if using this product just in case you don't get it like i haven't. But i still believe it to be GOOD! Its working but slowly for me.

Namate my lovely readers xxx