Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Well i have been using this little beast for a month now and it's time to give my review.

This is my review on the product and how it has effected my skin.

I do believe this product works. I found it was more effective after i exfoliated my skin and then applied. 
This is what i am still doing. Exfoliating and then applying before i sleep. It absorbs much better and sometimes it will all be soaked in very quickly. I guess this depends on how much my skin is in need. 

I find the product messy and sometimes over indulged in it... leaving me with to much so i will apply to my body also.

I have noticed an evening tone appearing on my skin but i do believe that its the combined exfoliation i do.

Do i intend to continue to use this natural product-YES. 

I believe i need longer with this product so intend to do another review in may be two months time. 

Do not expect a quick result and fix if using this product just in case you don't get it like i haven't. But i still believe it to be GOOD! Its working but slowly for me.

Namate my lovely readers xxx

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