Sunday, 22 March 2015


Have you ever started a journey in your car and got to the destination without remembering how you even got there? How about eat a meal or a snack to look down and it’s all gone or half gone why you were thinking or playing on your computer or phone, not even experiencing your food?

It’s very easy to not be in the present moment of today.  What with our tasks, finances, jobs and our mind being constantly diverted to external issues such as news, facebook, twitter, celebrities and politics how do we even find the time to be present. We are given so much more to think about than the present moment.

This is very common for many of us and we would call it ‘mindlessness’.

So in this world of craziness how can we bring our self to the present moment.

Mindfulness is as simple as A,B,C

A – ATTENTION to the present moment. Immediate sensory experiences, sight, sound, taste, smell and so on without the mind getting involved with its labelling, thinking and judging!

B – BREATH is in the present moment and at any given time it can bring you into the here and now. Following the breath as it comes in and out of the body has been a spiritual tradition for centuries.

C – COMPASSION towards what you experience. Have a gentle sensitivity towards yourself and experiences. If the mind keeps flitting have an understanding awareness and guide it lovingly back to the present of the breath and sensations within the body.

Ok it might not be as simple as A,B,C to do but this is an easy way to cultivate presence and get yourself out of the past or the future and settle yourself right in the here and now. 

  • Sit down in a quiet calm place. Be warm and comfortable.
  • Close your eyes and allow your attention to move into your body.
  • Feel sensations connect with them, don't get tangled up in thoughts. Let the thoughts drift by life clouds drifting through the sky.
  • Now bring attention to your breath.
  • Breath in and breath out and be aware of the breath breathing your body.
  • When the mind drifts or you catch yourself thinking about something acknowledge it and let it drift on by and bring your attention back to your breath.
  • Allow yourself to sit quietly for 10-15minutes to begin with increasing this time as you get much more comfortable with the sessions. 

Good luck!!! Be gentle and don't force or push, just witness the journey of the mind.

Namaste my beautiful readers x

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