Friday, 24 July 2015

Yoga and Sensitivity

4 July 2014

"Practicing Yoga creates more awareness, more awareness makes one more sensitive (at least me it does). More sensitivity means I feel more pain, I feel more feelings high and low. Is it ok to be so sensitive to suffer so much pain?"  
Yoga inevitably makes us more sensitive towards other fellow human beings, animals and environmental situations. As we do more and more yoga we become more and more open. We start to open up energy in parts of our body that could ultimately bring up a whole hose of emotions that have been sitting deep in the cracks of our body. On the mat is where the incredible journey begins to explore and learn more about yourself. You come to yoga to stretch you leave with so much more.
But how do we learn to deal with all this new awareness and sensitivity?  
First thing is to understand that a thought and a feeling will pass. It never stays there consistently does it. Look at a time when you wanted to eat your favourite food and all you can think of is the food and desire for it, this feeling changes once you have ate to much of the food and you are now repulsed and couldn't eat another mouth full. Do you see how fickle the mind can be?
The same can be understood by pain, sadness, happiness and calm. These to will change from moment to moment, day to day, week to week and so on. With this is mind we can use what we know as an advantage and when we feel over sensitive or feel pain understand that this pain, sensitivity is guiding us and helping us to grow as individuals. Being more sensitive can help us choose and make better decisions so that we can stay away from those negative things, negative thoughts. We can use the feeling of pain as a tool, listening to our self for guidance, trusting our self, listening to our gut instinct taking us into better places and spaces. 
Feeling pain is inevitable whether in the mind or body but if we didn't feel it how would we know the opposite of it. When you feel distracted by this feeling search a little deeper within, connect to your Godhead or your desired God to bring you closer to understanding and feeling something bigger is there looking out for you!   
Namaste, Take care of yourself so you can give a better part of yourself to the world! <3

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