Tuesday, 11 August 2015

YOGIC TONIC TUESDAY - Charga Mushroom Powder

 Nom Nom Nom
Had to share this with you all.
I have totally given up Coffee and Tea...Hip Hip harrayyyy to me! This was a very hard job and task to do. But I managed it and wanted to share ways I did it and this fabulous tonic that I found and recreated to taste.
It wasn't easy giving up tea and coffee and it has taken me 4 full weeks to actually move away from them. I began by switching my tea and coffee to Organic Rooibos. I would dip in and out as this is a taste I needed to get familiar with and I still have to put a half teaspoon of sugar and goats milk in it to trick my little mind that I am having a cup of tea!
After a few weeks I dived back into tea and coffee again when I was out and about with my partner in crime. I couldn't resit to have one. It came to the point where the taste was not tasty at ALL!!! Yack and now I have totally kicked the tea and coffee. I am not being hard on myself, if I wanted to have a coffee I will allow myself but I have not craved at all. I do not believe in diets what so ever! I believe in little steps and changes will make a deeper more fulfilling success of anything we attempt to do.
Today in the coffee shop why having a meeting I actually had lemon and ginger and was very please and didn't miss the normal cup of tea. I still had my tea pot and siv making it feel all together like tea but it was healthier cleaner way.
I have to admit I do think it has a lot to do with having something hot in my hands and warm to drink. It could be water and I would probably be fine. See even a Yogi can have a very bad habit! I have many more too hehe.
So on this journey I came across this special healthy brew with many benefits attached to it. Lets list just three.
1. Its said to be an immune booster and supporter
2. Its an antioxidant
3. Promotes Digestion
one for good luck....
4. Promotes healthy skin
There are many more benefits on this too, not just the above I state.
This little power took some trial and era before I got it to my taste.
Here is the receipt - I hope you give it a go
You will need / 2-3 people
 3 cups of Hot water / Teaspoon / tea bag equivalent of Chaga Powder 
 1/4 C Hemp seeds
 Organic Vanilla Ice Cream (to taste)
 3 Tbsp Cocoa powder
1-1/2 tsp Cinnamon
1/8 tsp Cayenne powder 
Cinnamon stick
To Make  
Boil the kettle
 Place all the ingredient in a blender apart from the Ice cream and cinnamon sticks
Blend the water with the ingredient's till all creamy looking.
Then the ice cream is to add to the top ... oh my goodness...glorious.
It has a little kick to it also.
You can add to taste. I will be attempting this again with Cashew nuts and coconut sugar so will update when I have given ago. This is going to be my perfect drink when I want something cosy because its raining outside. The top makes it even more snug looking.
Let me know if you try it and if you add or change anything and make it even tastier?
Namaste Beautiful People xxx

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