Thursday, 8 October 2015


Hello fellow Yogis, I hope this blog post finds you well. A few weeks off as I have been on my travels and busy with living my life in general (aren't we all). But I wanted to indulge you in a tasty post on the topic and theme that I have been running through this weeks classes, some hearing more than others on this theme.

 During my week of exploring yoga poses, binding poses came to the fruits of my attention. The binding in these poses can create a huge difference on a pose and the sensations we feel including added comfort/discomfort in the body. But besides this, what interested me the most is the idea of the way we bind ourselves to ourselves! The idea of what our minds can have us believe to think, our labels, the way we should be in accordance to our job or even the way we look!

Our mind is constantly changing along with our emotions and our bodies, but we as human beings living our life through this beautiful physical form get so hung up on the binding of physical into thoughts and emotions, mixing feelings up in thoughts, binding ourselves to what we believe people think us to be or how we think we should be to those in our circles or people that see us from a far.
As I move through my journey and learn things I never knew, I realise things I could never imagine. I understand more and more the struggle. I think that we can move through life with little self awareness but most people are becoming more tuned into what is really happening and how the binding we create can cause us pain and suffering.
We come to yoga to free ourselves from something? Do we not? Oh yes, think about it? Weather its from stress, from an illness, habit, an unfit body or from a family situation we come to yoga because it allows them binds we have to be releases. Yes maybe them binds are not released fully-and I think that it could be dangerous if we totally released our connections to this physical world - after all this is our journey through the physical! But it helps dissolve a little of the attachment we have to the circumstance or to a habit we may have developed in order to live. Yoga helps us have more self-awareness and an incredible wisdom can come along with this path if done correctly and safely under good guidance
In a few sessions I have been sharing this process below in a few different ways. I wanted to give you this task to explore yourself. Next time you come to yoga I want you to allow yourself a moment to run through this little list - especially if you are new to Yoga.
  • You have made a conscious decision that you are going to go to Yoga class tonight.
  • Before your class begins, think of what has drawn you to the session (stress, illness, fitness, family)!
  • In class Observe the state of your mind, breath and body. Is your mind active or still, Is your breath short or fast, deep or shallow? Is your body tired or restless? - observe!
  • Class finishes - Now this is the moment you can really observe the difference of your mind, breath and body! Comparing before you began to how you finally feel when the session has ended. That topic/reason that drew you to class is it as important now, as stressful?
A sense of space, stillness, lightness, calmness a whole host of things have taken place to release you from the tangling knots that's bind us to the materialistic and physical world. I am not suggesting you abandon all around you! But yoga allows you to make better decisions and see from a better place with more calm, peace and instinct. We use the beautiful shapes to bring our body into union, mind - breath - body. When this yoking takes place the mind can find some freedom and we can find some peace and stillness to live our life more fully with a sense of more freedom and binds.
Ultimately we want to be FREE, but in the process of trying to be free we get so caught up in how we should be or act to be free!

Hope you can take something from this to help you take life with more haste less speed, more peace less stress and sharing more love and less hate.

Namaste, love and Golden light to you all.


Few binds are included in the video below...I was inspired from this weeks theme and the idea of releasing my own bind's that bind me!

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