Sunday, 6 December 2015


Hello fell friends who read these blog posts! Let me say a huge THANK YOU!


My experiences i share are true to my teachings. I teach what is truth to myself through awareness because if i didn't practice i could not teach it!

I want to take a moment to encourage you to find stillness in your seat and just close your eyes and watch your breath. Don't change it. Please for a moment just watch it. You can watch your breath without doing anything - it moves all alone! Watch it like you are above your body, looking down and seeing your breath. Just for a moment now!

Awesome, can you see how you can watch with out getting involved. Now close your eyes again. May be for a little longer this time! Notice when a though comes in, but see if you can float above again and watch how the thought makes your body feel and the emotion is may cungiour up. Go head do this now!

Could you stay watching of did you get fully involved? Now you get into thoughts and these thoughts provoke bodily reactions, feelings, emotions - may be anger, fear, sadness or joy. You may even notice a thought can create tension in a certain area of your body.

So once you find yourself back in the thought see if you can once again take yourself beyond the though and observer, like you are floating above your body seeing it happen, noticing how a person, event, conversation can make you feel.

We have the power to identify our feelings but so often we become them feelings, is that not true? Think about the last time something happened and you in the moment let the conversation or the event effect you and you became that feeling that emotion and your body took on that role.

We think a thought or enter an environment - it provokes a change in the body and emotions - the mind gets caught up in the body and with no conscious awareness we are that feeling. We let it control us, hurt us, harm us or may be it makes us feel excited!

When you next find yourself in joy, excitement, sadness, fear or anger see if you can be an observer a watcher of these feelings as they come and as they go. They don't stay the same for long. This takes practice. Don't become it, watch it and control it. That way when they come you can find more stillness in the knowledge that they are passing by just like life is and nature is along with all the cells in your body.

Through this awareness you can bring changes into your life to see beyond the materialistic realm, you can see from a much more sensitive and non violent aspect. You can start to observe before reacting and you can start to make choices that are going to affect your emotions and body in a non violent way.

Through the growth of awareness you can then see with an open mind and understand possible reasons behind the actions of others and become unharmed by them. You can then make better choices to not harm or hurt others in many ways!

We sink to grow, we grow to have more knowledge.

Observe and be the observer not the one with little control of your moment to moment actions, reap good karma. Firstly be aware of your mind, which will help with control of your tongue, actions and reactions.

Namaste seeking souls <3

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