Wednesday, 24 August 2016


What Is Yoga?

Yoga is more than stretching, Yoga is a mystical discipline of the body, mind and spirit that originates way back to ancient India.

Yoga means union of body, mind and spirit.

In the western society yoga is being sold as an exercise or a way of getting flexible and fit, and although these are benefits that are given with the practise of yoga they are not the meaning behind this magical discipline!

Yoga practise is a time when we start to come back to our true self, the place we came from in the beginning, what we are all apart of.

Have you ever wondered why you are here? Questioned life? Where you came from?

This questioning and seeking is a natural process of our spiritual growth. As humans living in a physical form we are seek answers and even more so than ever in this lifetime. Yoga helps us in that search.

Yoga allows us to move out of the mind which we are not and the body that we are not and come to the place that which we are.

“If you’re hand was removed tomorrow, you would still be conscious would you not? Of course! As for your thoughts they are constantly changing are they not? Yes! Exactly they are not you. You’re emotions changing like the wind, they are not you either.” - Katya

Yoga helps us come back to a quiet place so that we can find our true self, the one thing we are connected to and all is connected to, the divine.

Yoga is not a religion I must add! You can be any religion and do yoga, you can believe in Jesus, God or the Queen. What ever your belief yoga accepts, and what ever your faith yoga helps you move closer to it and be more present with it!

So try not to come wanting a workout, or a fitness class. Them aspects will come along for the ride anyway. Use this time to explore yourself, even the moments that feel uncomfortable (inside and outside of class). We start to release and left go of the old stuff, patterns, pain, baggage and allow in the new! We allow space to receive the new by allowing our bodies and minds to let go of the old!

Yoga is a journey as is your life, do it with dedication and an open mind and have no judgements! Happy Yoga Class

Love, light and truth
 Katya x

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